Board Meeting Minutes Archive

Massa’s Restaurant
Houston, Texas
October 1, 2014


The TMUA Board of Directors Meeting was held at Messa’s Restaurant in Houston, Texas. on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  President Rodney Taylor called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.

The following members and guests were present:
Rodney Taylor, President, Abilene
Scott Williams, President-Elect, Pantiego
Michael Thane, Vice President, Round Rock
Jim Siddall, Secretary/Treasurer, Grand Prairie
Todd Reck, Past President, Irving
Kevin Scalley, Region 2 Director, Brownwood
John Baker, Region 4 Director, Garland
Lynn Short, Region 7, Director, Victoria
Sam Masiel, Region 8, Director.  Conroe
David Harris, TML Board Representative, Brownwood
Rooster Smith, Director at Large
Lauren Grossman, TML Affiliates Services Coordinator

Introduction and Opening Comments by President Taylor
President Taylor welcomed the Board members and thanked them for their time.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes, for the May 13, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, were reviewed by the board for approval.  A motion was made by David Harris to approve the Board Meeting minutes and was seconded by Lynn Short.  The Board approved the motion.

Financial Report
Jim Siddall presented a “Profit and Loss Statement,” as of July 31, 2014, to the Board. Jim advised that since the report was only one month into the budget year there wasn’t enough information to make any decisions.  Membership and Sponsor revenues and conference expenses have yet to be reported.

TML Board Representative Report
David Harris reported that most of the discussions at the TML Board involved Tort reform and the proposed disassociation with a lobby group which in the opinion of the Board has not represented TML’s best interests.

Awards and Scholarships Committee
The Board discussed setting earlier deadline dates for award nominations.  Lauren will send a blast email to all members in December to solicit nominations.  All nominations will be due by March 12.

Nominations Committee
Todd advised the board that he is still in the process of finding a replacement for the Director of Region 3.  He will call Joe Smoliski, with the City of Mansfield, and see if he might be interested in the position.

Todd is also soliciting nominations for Vice President for 2015/16 and replacement of the TML Board Representative.  Todd reminded the board that the board representative’s term is two years.  David Harris advised that the board has four meetings per year.

Bylaws Committee
Todd Reck is working on updating the TMUA bylaws.  One proposal is to increase the size of the board by one to three members which would include a representative from the consulting community.  Todd will present a proposed revision of the bylaws during our December/January meeting.

New Business
2014/2015 Budget  The board will discuss the budget during the December/January meeting.

Michael Thane updated the board on the 2014 Affiliates Day program.  He informed the board that we will have six programs beginning Thursday morning and ending that afternoon.  Michael informed the board that the program committee members will include Todd Reck, Lynn Short, and Scott Williams.

Michael also informed the board that he is soliciting suggested topics and speakers for the Spring Conference.  He is tentatively planning on nine topics with a possible 45 minute panel discussion.

Lauren Grossman updated the board on the progress of the 2015 Spring Conference.  The plans include a Thursday night meet and greet at “Top Golf” instead of a casino night.  This will increase costs from $4,300 (last year’s expense) to approximately $6,000.  There is some apprehension that the cost may be too much for one sponsor.  The board discussed soliciting additional sponsors for the event.  Members will appeal to their contacts to support the new format.

Lauren Grossman reported that she is initiating the planning of the 2016 Spring Conference.  She informed the board that in the past we have returned to Fredericksburg every other year and it was a popular destination.  However, as attendance has increased the meeting facilities are too small to accommodate the association’s requirements.  She is looking into other locations including Conroe and Kerrville.

Other Business
The board discussed efforts to update the TMUA logo.  Our current logo is not in the proper format for all electronic and print uses.  The board also feels the current logo is outdated.  Kevin Scalley is researching alternatives.

Lauren Grossman recommended to the board, that the size of the mailer for the Spring Conference be reduced from 6 pages to 1 page mailer which will reduce costs and make a more concise easier to read announcement.  The board agreed with the recommendation.

It was determined there was no additional business and President Taylor adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Siddall