About TMUA

The Texas Municipal Utilities Association (TMUA) was organized in 1925 to promote the proficiency of the utility management profession and utility operations. TMUA does not duplicate nor overlap the various specialized utility associations. It promotes communication between managers and provides a forum for professional development of employees, officers, and governing officials having an interest in or responsibility for municipal utilities. It develops and upgrades the quality and mutual respect of utlity managers, and promotes the general welfare of all municipal utility employees.


Municipal utilities operate in concert with other functions of local government to provide vital community services. Most professional associations related to the utility industry do not address the unique needs of a municipally-owned utility nor the special opportunities and obligations associated with the management of a utility within the municipal framework; however, TMUA provides such an opportunity.

Legislative Action

Serves actively with the Texas Municipal League (TML) to represent and advance the views of municipal utility practitioners.


TMUA meets twice a year. The TMUA Annual Conference emphasizes professional development, management, shoptalk, and the business of the association, while the fall meeting is in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the Texas Municipal League (TML) and provides an opportunity for other city officials to participate in and benefit from the activities of the association. Likewise, TMUA members can participate in the many other departmental meetings that are taking place at the TML Annual Conference.


The principal emphasis of the association is the management and the direction of municipal utilities, including the special relationship of city managers, members of governing bodies, and boards of directors related to municipal utilities. It is a forum where members can learn from each other and benefit from professional association with other municipal utility managers  in Texas.

TMUA is an affiliate organization of the Texas Municipal League (TML), which represents some 98% of Texas’ urban population through its over 1,000 member cities and towns. Organized in 1913 as an informal association of 14 municipalities, TML today is a progressive, multi-million dollar enterprise offering a wide variety of services to Texas cities.

As partners, TML and TMUA offer the best in representation and assistance to cities and their respective colleagues.